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I've always had a special fondness for Ivan, the Gypsy Frog. Maybe it's because Ivan tries so hard to make the swamp a better place, but in the end, he must go wandering again. Or maybe it's because Adrienne, from O'Carolan's Daughters, sings the folk song with heartwarming affection for our hero of the swamp. But once having heard his song, who can ever forget Ivan, the Gypsy Frog? (Our apologies to Kermit, but we suspect he would like this song, too!)
o/` o/` The swamplands see many a lonely traveller. One day a gypsy caravan met a little frog named Ivan, he became enthralled with the gypsy band. o/` o/`
Chorus (repeat after each verse)
o/` o/` Ivan the gypsy frog, Ivan the gypsy frog, Made the swamp a better place to be! Oh, Ivan the gypsy frog, Ivan the gypsy frog, Croaking his gypsy melody! o/` o/`
o/` o/` One night, Ivan came upon a red bandana, with a pair of golden earrings lying near. The bandana went well with his little green body; he would have worn the earrings, but he had no ears. o/` o/`
o/` o/` At night he'd sit outside in front of his frog tent, (like a pup tent, only smaller), as the day's light would slowly end. The frogs and salamanders came from miles around him, hoping he would soon read their webs. o/` o/`
o/` o/` One night Ivan decided to leave his happy homeland. He wanted to see what was beyond all of that mud. The frogs and salamanders asked him why he was leaving. He simply answered, "It's just the gypsy in my cold blood." o/` o/`
Now the swamp has seen many a lonely traveler, but never again will it see Ivan, the Gypsy Frog, croaking out his melody!

The song Ivan, the Gypsy Frog was cowritten by Mike Dunbar and an old college chum of his, Gene Kaleta. Mike used to sing Ivan, the Gypsy Frog on Chicago's WFMT radio program, The Midnight Special. And Gene Tells us that Gordon Lightfoot performed their song at a Chicago-area concert during the summer of '05! Mike has given O'Carolan's Daughters full rights to record and sing the song in perpetuity because, in his own words, "their version is dear to me." If you wish to purchase the O'Carolan's Daughters CD with Mike Dunbar's song, please contact O'Carolan's Daughters at O'Carolan's Daughters.

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Friday, February 27, 2004 revised Friday, November 04, 2005