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Anne Wallingford, WordSmith

This Week's Scuttlebutt

From Webster's Unabridged Dictionary -

scuttlebutt, n. [from scuttled butt, a butt or cask on shipboard with fresh drinking water]

  • a drinking fountain on shipboard (slang)
  • rumor or gossip (slang)

    The water cooler has long been the casual meeting place where employees pass along snippets of news, gossip, and other interesting stuff about their work or personal interests.

    For many freelancers, the Internet has replaced the water cooler as a casual meeting place. Information flows from person to person; some things are believable, some are unbelievable; some things are serious, some are ridiculous. The 'listener' decides the value of what is heard, the listener decides whether to forget what was heard or pass it along.

    As you travel along on the Internet, feel free to stop at the Scuttlebutt. Take a sip, maybe share some news with the next person, then move on. And speaking of travels, why not take a "ride" with me.... Crunchy Egg Salad

    Crystals, Minerals, & Gems

    Crystals and Gems
    Physical and Metaphysical Properties of Minerals


    Bringing Live Animals into the Classroom
    Buying a Telescope
    Chemical Safety in the Classroom Lab
    Classroom Lab Safety: Protecting Yourself from Liability
    Collecting Insects
    How to Buy a Microscope. (So, You're Going to Buy a Microscope...)
    How To… Lab Safety Techniques Insert Glass Tube, Use Filter Paper, Lamps & Burners, Heat Liquids, Evaporate Flammable & Non-flammable Liquids, Test for Odors, Ignite a Crucible, Use Pipets, Read a Graduated Cylinder, Use a Buret, Use a Centrifuge.
    How To Panic-proof Your School's Science Fair
    The Importance of Classroom Lab Safety
    An Organizational Approach to the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act —By Dominique L. Galloway (April 2004)
    The pH Scale & Standard Indicators
    Types of Lab Glassware
        Care of Lab Glassware
    Types of Lab Plasticware

    Folk Lore, Folk Tales, & Folk Music

    Fiddlers 3
    How the Leopard Became a Panther
    How Some Well-known Customs & Sayings Started
    Ivan, the Gypsy Frog
    Johnny Appleseed
    The Lullaby Preservation League
    Sarah Wilfong - Fiddle Soup
    Types of Folk Music
    Willies I have Known

    Foods & Culture

    Cooking & Culture
    Cooking & Culture: Recipes
    Dedicated to Jell-o
    Genetically Modified Foods

    Typewriters & Other Mechanical Marvels

    Donating old cell phones
    A Brief History of Typewriters
    Classic Typewriter Classifieds
    The Classic Typewriter Page
    Typewriter Repairs In Illinois
    Typewriter Tales

    Mythology, Cosmology, & Astronomy

    Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Whence came this Universe?
    Legends of the Sky

    Mother Nature

    Bears, Lovable and Not!
    Moon Lore

    Books and Music

    Authors and Copyrights
    Visitor's Guide to the Orchestra

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    Tuesday, May 10, 2011