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Anne Wallingford, WordSmith

People to Meet

Our very first guest, Jenny Simonson Burke, is a role model for People To Meet. Jenny is a freelance writer who has successfully self-published and marketed her first educational book, Crystal Geometry, and will soon be going to press with her second educational book, Crystal Colors. Both books merge science, math, and art through interesting, hands-on activities. Jenny's well-researched third book, Many Paths To Wellness, reflects the developing acceptance of alternative medicines by Western medical professionals.

What caught my attention, when I first met Jenny at the NSTA (National Science Teachers Assoc.) convention in St. Louis, more than ten years ago, was her professional attitude. I meet many wannabes at trade shows; many, many teachers have great ideas for kits and books. But Jenny took the marketing advice I shared with her, and ran with it. Through the years, I have watched her struggle with vendors, with printers, with publishers, and with all the myriad details of marketing one's own work. And she's done it well.

I hope you enjoy reading, in her own words, about what she has accomplished. I know I am glad to have her share so much with us.

- Anne Wallingford

Crystal ColorsCrustal Geometry
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E-mail Author: Jenny Simonson Burke

Crystal Geometry (Geometry in Nature: Math, Science & Art Intertwined), 1995
Crystal Colors (Colors in Nature: Math, Science & Art Intertwined), coming soon
Many Paths To Wellness: A Practical Guide to Protecting and Recovering Health, 1999

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