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Entertain Differently in the Danish Manner

Entertain Differently in the Danish Manner
From the introduction:
....“Danish entertaining is thoughtful entertaining. With little effort, but with great imagination, the Danes create an atmosphere that their friends long remember.
....“The pleasures of the table are cultivated to a fine art. No effort is spared to please the eye as well as the palate. Even the simplest dish is artfully adorned and served as though it were 'lobster and caviar.'…
....“We have chosen here a few of the many famous Danish specialties that have delighted many visitors from many lands. They are simple to prepare—and if you would like to do as the Danes do, lift your glass of Cherry Heering and say, in the traditional toast of Denmark, 'Skaal'” Copyright 1956, 27 pp. booklet.

Condition: Very Good

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