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Anne Wallingford, WordSmith

Special Offers

Drake & McClure Dolls

Drake & McClure Dolls Cindy McClure, Merri Roderick, & Miriam Yu Dolls
Mom was a doll collector for many, many years, and at the time of her death, I inherited these dolls. However, mom collected dolls not for their future value but because each doll had a special meaning for her. All dolls were kept covered and in a glass-fronted display case, and all except for Shelly come with a stand.

Top right:
Shelly by Cindy McClure for Knowles
Shelly is from the 1989 Cindy's Playhouse Pals Collection. She measures 14H, kneeling, and is holding her brown bunny. Carrot is missing. Although Shelly is in excellent condition and comes in her original box (not shown), there are no tags or paperwork.
     Asking Price: $40

Top left:
Rose, Who is Love by Merri Roderick for Ashton Drake Galleries
Rose is a 16 sculpted porcelain fashion doll created in 1988 for Ashton Drake Galleries, and the first doll created under the hallmark of the W.S. George China Co. Rose, Who is Love, is the first in the series Romantic Flower Maidens, and she is carrying a basket of pink roses. Although the doll is in excellent condition, there are no tags or paperwork.
     Asking Price: $100.00

Bottom Left:
17 Collectible Porcelain Doll by Miriam Yu for Ashton Drake Galleries
This collectible porcelain doll by Miriam Yu comes in her original Ashton Drake box but there are no tags or paperwork.
     Asking Price: $15.00

Bottom Right:
Meagan by Cindy McClure for Ashton Drake Galleries
Meagan is a handcrafted bisque porcelain doll by Cindy McClure produced for the 1989 Premier Cradle collection by Ashton Drake Galleries, and is the first McClure doll produced by Ashton Drake. Doll is in very good condition but there are no tags or paperwork.
     Asking Price: $100.00

Buyer pays s/h from 60008. UPS is the preferred shipping method for U.S. sales, but if requested I will ship USPS insured. Shipping will be calculated at time of sale.

I accept checks, money orders, or PayPal; item ship after payment clears. Multiple orders to the same address will save on shipping costs.

SOLD Special Price if all 4 dolls are purchased at the same time by the same buyer: $225 + shipping    All four dolls are in a 14L x 10-1/2W x 6-1/2D box; 4 lbs.

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