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Anne Wallingford, WordSmith

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Antique W.F. Burns “Safe” Bank

Antique W.F. Burns “Safe” Bank Antique W.F. Burns “Safe” Bank SOLD

This was mom's bank from the Depression Years. Metal bank with handle looks like a miniature safe. From research I've done I've learned that these were often used by businesses as a form of advertising.

Faceplate on this bank reads: Stewart & Co. Howard & Lexington Sts. Baltimore, MD. Note: Steward & Co. was one of the first department stores in Baltimore. Imprint on top: W.F. Burns Co., Chicago, Patent Applied For. Front lock. (No key.) Slot on one side for coins, slot on opposite side for rolled paper bills. 3-1/2”H x 4-3/8”W x 2-1/4”D.

My thanks to Dave, a fellow Internet surfer, for the following information:
Hi Anne,
I've been doing some research on this bank since I have one just like it. I'm suprised you are only asking $45 although I have no idea what it is worth. Below is a link to some info I found and the picture is exactly like mine although it says "1911".
On the page it says why there isn't a key. Here's a snippet:
The financial institution had an effective method of eliminating dipping—it retained the key! When the customer judged that there was enough money in the savings bank, he or she would take it to the issuing branch, where a teller would open it and credit the amount to the customer's account.

Condition: I had to have a locksmith open the bank because there were still coins inside the bank. A new lock and key could be installed for about $15, but since that could increase the negative effect on the value of this bank I didn't have this done.

Buyer pays shipping from 16735. Approximate shipping weight 5 lbs. Insurance is optional but no delivery guarantee without it. Will accept check, money order, or PayPal; item ships after payment clears. Don't forget—multiple orders to the same address will save on shipping costs.

SOLD $45.00

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