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Anne Wallingford, WordSmith

Special Offers - Teacher/Homeschooling Store

The Teacher/Homeschooling Store
Many of you already know that I am a former school teacher. For six years I specialized in Reading and Language Arts. (This was back in the days before specialization.) But for ten years, I was a very happy middle school science teacher and department chair in an inner city parochial school. Why happy? I loved my students, and we had some marvelous times in the classroom! However, because there wasn't much money in the school budget to purchase science supplies, most everything I bought was with my own money.

When I left the school, I went to work for an educational science cataloger in another state. Because I thought I might still be able to do some substitute teaching, I took a few of my favorite teaching aids with me. Although I never did go back to the classroom, the science supplies came in handy at my new job! One of my projects was to develop a series of fourteen middle school science kits. Probably because I never had much to spend on supplies, I made sure these kits used low cost equipment—and the things I brought with me became prototypes for the kit items.

Since I'm now retired, I decided to offer these supplies to others at bargain prices. These aren't sophisticated tools. But they do a fine job of demonstrating the basics covered in grades 5-8.

When my sister recently asked me to sell several homeschooling items for her, adding her things to the Teacher Store made the most sense. My sister homeschooled her daughters, but the girls have outgrown their early books and materials. (The oldest is about to graduate from college, and the youngest is high school age.)

New items from both of us are added as I have time to take pix and write copy.

Science Supplies

Friday, June 19, 2009