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Freelancer's FAQ

How to Evaluate a Magazine Market by Dana K. Cassell

To provide both encouragement and to help other freelancers, I have obtained permission to share this newsletter article with you.

     Source: Writers-Editors eZine, © CNW Publishing. Sign up for a complimentary subscription at (link will open in a new window).

1. Look at masthead and bylines of one to three recent issues. (Bylines may be on Contents page; you may need to look at each article.)

2. Count total number of articles.

3. From that total, subtract articles written by staff writers/editors, by contributing editors (their freelance "stable"), and by celebrities.

4. Divide number left by total number of articles (step 2). This will give you a more accurate percentage of freelance material used than will writers' market listings.

Article Marketing Tips

1. When studying a sample copy of a magazine, check out the Letters to the Editor page. This will tell you whether the editor likes controversial ideas that spark reader comment.

2. Study 3 to 12 past issues to see which type of article appears most frequently - e.g., profile, how-to, informational, personal experience. That's the type of article you want to query in order to break in.

3. When studying back issues, check out the theme that appeared most often; was it meant to inform, teach a moral, describe, spur to action, persuade, or other? Make sure your theme does likewise.

-- Dana K. Cassell
Copyright CNW Publishing Inc., 2012.

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About the Author:
Dana Cassell is founder of Writers-Editors Network, and has been freelancing full-time for 35 years. In addition to writing and editing for numerous business clients, she has published more than 2,000 articles and has ghosted or authored nearly a dozen books. Her Amazon author page is at

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Monday, February 06, 2012