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This Week's Scuttlebutt

Moving to Another New Home, Sept. 16, 2009
I almost made it for five years in my lovely Rolling Meadows home. I'm glad I documented many of the outings I took while there so I have something to recall, especially the outings to the park.

Unfortunately, my m.s. caught up to me finally. When I fell and fractured my left ankle and ruptured the ligament on Feb. 28, 2009, I never fully recovered. Surgery, hospitalizations, and a three month stint in a nursing home for rehabilitation -- they took their toll. Despite the naysayers who told me I'd never walk again, I have been able to walk thirty feet at a time using the walker. But I was no longer able to function on my own and required a full-time caregiver when I got home on June 12th.

The next few weeks were filled with many hard decisions and heartache. It was time for me to move to a nursing home, permanently. With the help of my brother and my caregiver I spent the next six weeks checking out nursing homes in the area. To say that this was discouraging is an understatement.

But with the help of my sister, brother, and caregiver I did the impossible. I emptied the house in Rolling Meadows of everything. Mostly I sold things or gave them away; only a few things were thrown out. I even found a home for my beloved cat, Maggie.

On Sept. 16th I moved to the Forest Villa nursing home in Niles. With the help of my sister, my niece, and my niece's boyfriend, my room here has been made to look more like my living room in Rolling Meadows than a nursing home room. Below are photos of my new home. Not nearly as nice as Rolling Meadows, but it is where I belong now.

Forest Villa
My room is at the top right corner. The grounds are nicely landscaped.

Forest Villa
Entering the building. Residents often sit out front in their wheelchairs on nice days.

Forest Villa
Upon entering the building you are greeted by the receptionist.

Forest Villa
I share my room with another lady. I sleep in my recliner, she sleeps in the bed. The window looks out onto the front of the building.

Forest Villa
My new office. The TV is on top of the dresser. My laptop is in front of the bookshelf with the printer on the right of the laptop. I was able to bring three teddy bears and three dragons with me. It took a lot of planning to get everything to fit in such a small space!

Forest Villa
What really gives the room a touch of home is having three of my paintings on the wall. The snow sled was a crewel work I'd made for mom; St. James Palace, London is the first crewel piece I ever made; on the left is my sketch of Diggen's Pub.

Forest Villa
I'm sitting in front of the computer. Where else would I be?

Forest Villa
As you exit my room, you head into the hall.

Forest Villa
The hall outside my room, facing the nurses' station. The dining room is at the far end of the hall.

Forest Villa
Just past the nurses' station is a small sitting room where I can talk with visitors.  


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Thursday, October 22, 2009