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Anne Wallingford, WordSmith


Memorial Day, 2004

Memorial Day's not really a "holiday" is it? Finished reading a Rosamunde Pilcher book, "Coming Home" last night. Figured it was an appropriate read for this day. The story begins two years before WWII and is about a young English girl's growing into a woman during this time. Not schmaltzy at all. The story begins with her going to a boarding school because her father has been transferred to Singapore. (He's not in the military.) He had been in India, and her mother and sister were with her in England, but the mother and sister were going to join the father.

Anyway, skipping everything in the middle. After her fiance is killed in Europe, and other childhood friends are lost to war, the young woman joins the Wrens and ends up working in a military field office in India. When Japan takes over Singapore she loses touch with her family. At the end of the story she learns that her father was killed while in jail in Singapore and the boat her mother and sister were trying to leave on was torpedoed. Turns out that through an accident of fate her sister survived the sinking ship and became a prisoner in a Japanese camp. She and her sister are reunited after not seeing each other for ten years. The story ends on a positive note when she and her sister return home to England.

Although this could have been maudlin it was well written and never went off the deep end. (PBS made the story in a movie with the same title.)

After reading a story like this, it's hard not to compare then and now. Times are different but war is still war. Americans really didn't have it as bad during WWII as the Europeans did. Can't help wondering what the future for our country holds.

Anyway, enough of the philosophizing.

Got up at 9:45 despite not going to bed until 5 am because I was reading. It was another overcast day but didn't look threatening so I took a chance and called upstairs and asked if anyone was available to bring my chair out. I knew that my sister wasn't going to the grocery store before Tues. and I was hoping to pick up bbq ribs from the deli for my dinner today. I could have cooked something but I'm making a real effort to do something different on holidays.

Anyway, the girls got me out and I headed off to the grocery store. I had a short list--only took an hour, including my time going there, and the store manager rang me out today. They're getting to know me at the store. :) Did get a 1 lb. package of bbq ribs; they were on sale for $7. (Normally $12)

But while I was being rung out the heavens opened up again, and the rain came down in torrents. I wasn't going anywhere! Fortunately, it didn't last long, about a half hour. When it slowed to a drizzle I went and sat on the store's "apron" and people-watched. I could see clear sky moving eastward so knew it wouldn't last much longer. It didn't. Headed home, and other than having to circumvent a few sidewalk puddles didn't even get wet. I was lucky. :)

After I got into the house, I unpacked my groceries and discovered that my two packages of Cheddar Bratwurst were missing. (These were also on sale 2/$5, otherwise $3.98 ea.) The items were on my receipt so I called the store and explained that I was missing these items. The c.s. clerk looked over to where I'd been checked out and sure enough, the two packages were still sitting t here. I was about to ask if she could write a note saying I was owed two of these at the sale price when she asked me to wait a moment. When she came back on the phone, she told me that the store manager said he would send someone over with the items in just a little while! I was surprised, and quite pleased. Sure enough, Angela brought the packages of cheddar bratwurst over to the house within a half hour. So I called the store back and made sure I thanked everyone. People are nice, I've found.

I ate my bbq ribs for dinner already. :) Yummy! I wondered how they would taste, being from the deli, but they were delicious. A lot of meat on the bones and I like the bbq sauce they use. Opened a can of German potato salad (I don't have it very often) and warmed that up in the microwave. And for dessert I ate some of the blackberries I bought at the store. (I've found that I really like blackberries.)

The plan was to save half the ribs for tomorrow....but they were so good that I ate the whole lb.! [patting a very full tummy] I sure won't eat any more today, except for a light snack at bedtime with my meds. Probably a few more blackberries... :)

Until next time...

Copyright © 2004 Anne Wallingford. All Rights Reserved.

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060304 Saturday, June 05, 2004