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Anne Wallingford, WordSmith


I'm silly, sometimes!
January 2005

Stayed up last night until 3 am for no other reason than it was Sat. night and I didn't want to go to bed. Woke at 8 on Sunday morning, brought in the paper and checked the weather because when I went to bed last night I was thinking how nice it would be to get out for a little while. But it was damp and chilly so I went back to bed and slept until 11 am.

When I woke up the second time, I once more checked the weather out the front door. This time it was still cold, but sunny. Thought about whether I'd go out, or not, and decided I'd forget going to the grocery store but look at the Walgreen's ad. If there was something worthwhile on sale, I'd go out, otherwise I wouldn't, simply because the thought of bundling up and getting myself out seemed rather daunting. So I sat down and looked at the ad. Hmmm. The candy bars I like were on sale for $1 ea. Usually they are $1.89 each, so I only get them when they are on sale. But was that enough reason to go out?

Decided to open the door to the garage and get a feel for the weather from there. Brrr. Now that was cold. Okay, not a good test. Went to the back door and opened it. Admired the animal tracks in the snow, saw that some critters had found the bread crumbs I'd tossed into the yard, and decided it was now cold and sunny but not windy. Ah, forget it. I'll wait until later in the week when it might be a little warmer.

Went and sat down in the living room to read the Sunday paper...and got to thinking that the weather forecast was for sunny and warm on Thurs., but it also called for light snow on Wed. If it snowed on Wed., I wouldn't be able to get out on Thurs. hmmm. Looked out the living room window. The streets were clear and there was no traffic.

Okay. Go out, girl. You know you've got a touch of cabin fever. Besides, it's Sunday, and you really don't want to work on the computer, there's nothing on TV, and you're too antsy to read.

So after talking myself into going out, I spent the next half hour bundling up, packing up my grey shopping bag, and heading out to the garage.

To my surprise, it wasn't as bad getting out to my power chair as I thought it would be. I guess the practice from the last couple of times I went out helped, because I knew just what I had to do: how to toss my shopping bag onto the old kitchen chair, the one I keep in the garage, so I can get down the garage stairs; how to position the walker at the foot of the stairs so I can use it once down; how to hook my foot with the tie to lift it onto the power chair's footrest; how to pull the kitchen chair over with my cane, once I'm in the power chair, so I can take the blanket off the kitchen chair and wrap it around my legs... It actually went smoothly this time! Once I was in the power chair and ready to go, I opened the garage door with the remote—I remembered to bring it out with me this time—and pulled out of the garage into the driveway. It was clear sailing from there. I didn't even try going down the sidewalks, just drove down the side streets. (I figured that even if folks had shoveled their sidewalks, the corners could be a problem. Smart move as the corners were barricaded with mounds of snow.)

Fortunately there was no traffic until I reached the last street. I had to make a right turn onto a heavily trafficked road to get to the mall driveway. At least the traffic was very light today. I do obey the traffic laws, and waited for the light to change so I could turn down the main street. (I am a motorized vehicle on the street, after all) But no sooner had I turned onto the main street the traffic light changed. A large truck came up behind me and the truck driver drove down the center of the road, blocking traffic from both directions, until I could get safely across the street. (I had thought to get as far as a shoveled out driveway, scoot in there, then wait for a break in traffic to cross the street. I didn't have to do this, thanks to the trucker.) I waved "thank you" to him, and he waved back at me.

Once I was on the mall's sidewalk it was a bit tricky getting past a couple of the shopping carts that folks left outside the store, but I made it. I've learned how to hit the corner of the carts "just so" so the carts roll out of my way but not into anything else.

Once inside the store, I unbundled a bit, and toodled around window-shopping. Had a store clerk hand me the candy bars I wanted (they are always on the top shelf), went down the housewares aisle and picked up a new kitchen dish towel, admired the Valentine's things for sale, then stopped at the pharmacy. The pharmacist on duty read the ingredient panel on a couple of boxes of eye drops for me (I have a major problem with dry eyes because of the m.s.) and I made my selection. As I headed towards the checkout counter, a customer and his wife said "hi" to me; I remembered them from my December trip to the grocery store, and they remembered me! After checking out I pulled over to a corner of the store and bundled back up so I could head home.

Once I got across the busy street and onto the side street the ride home went smoothly, but going across the busy road is definitely not something I'd want to do if the traffic was heavy. As I headed home, a driver coming towards me on the side street waved and mouthed "hello." That's encouraging--maybe come nice weather if I see some of these people outside they'll chat a bit. I hope!

Got back into the house without any problems. Again, having done this a couple of times before, I knew where/how to maneuver. Once I got back into the house, I started singing, "I did it, I did it" at full volume. Told you I was silly!

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