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This Week's Scuttlebutt

I'm an "idgit" sometimes!
October 3, 2008

My trip to the doctor for a routine office visit took 5 hrs. yesterday – 15 min. in the medvan to reach the doctor's office, 20 min. seeing the doctor, 10 min. having blood taken, 3 hrs. waiting for the medvan to pick me up to go home, and 15 min. in the medvan, heading home. I had the medvan drop me off at the local Jewel/Osco so I could pick up my prescriptions and a few groceries, then rode home from the store in my wheelchair. This took another hour.

Not too surprisingly, I was pretty wiped-out by the time I arrived home. I put the groceries away and made myself something to eat. Actually, I ate first, then put the groceries away. I had been fasting for the blood test since midnight and it was now 6 p.m.

By the time I finished in the kitchen, I was so exhausted I didn't even go to bed. I simply sat in my recliner in the living room, wrapped myself in afghans (the house was chilly), and started watching TV. I made it until the news came on at 10 p.m., at which point I must have just conked out with the TV still on.

Now I pretty much have trained myself to put the TV remote on the stool next to my living room recliner when I sit and watch TV in the evenings because more than once I've dozed off in front of the TV. When that happens, I wake up a couple of hours later, and have forgotten that I'm holding the TV remote. I either drop the remote on the floor as I struggle to get up, or the remote gets tangled in the afghans while I'm sleeping.

Last night, when I woke up two hours after dozing off, some really dumb old-time b/w Frankenstein-type movie was playing. I went to shut off the TV before getting up—and I couldn't find the remote. I shook out all the blankets. No remote. Looked on the floor. No remote. I couldn't wait any longer so got up and headed to the restroom.

I came back to the living room and sat down in my wheelchair. I rolled over to the recliner, used the recliner's control to put the leg rest up, and leaned far over (almost tipped over the wheelchair!) trying to peer under the leg rest for the remote. Nada. Unfolded all the afghans again, shook them out. Nada. Took the cover off the recliner, felt down in the sides. Nada.

By this time, I was getting frustrated, and I was definitely overtired. I just wanted to shut off the TV and go to bed. Instead, I sat there in the wheelchair trying to think what I had done with the remote. It most definitely wasn't on the stool next to the recliner. It wasn't on the floor, caught in the afghans, or any place else I'd looked. As I sat there bleary-eyed, staring straight ahead and trying to think where I could look next, my eyes focused on the bookshelf on the other side of the recliner. Sure enough, the remote was there. I had trained myself not to hold the remote while sitting in the recliner, but I must have been half asleep when I put the remote on the bookshelf instead of on the stool. ARGH!

Now that I'd found the remote, I shut off the TV and headed off to the bedroom to get some more sleep. But I suspect I'm not the only one who has done dumb things like this!

Copyright © 2008 Anne Wallingford All Rights Reserved

I've heard from several folks who have similar "idgit" moments of their own. From time to time, I will add their misadventures to my essay. Their anecdotes are used only with permission. Whether the writer remains anonymous or not is strictly their choice.
-- Anne

From Elizabeth Welch-Cousins
On one of my cooking adventures I nearly drove myself crazy looking for the knife I had just used. I looked in the kitchen sink, among the dishes, in the dish washer. Did I throw it out in the garbage? So now I am riffling through the garbage.... uhhh! Yuk! Where is the knife? I know I am not going nuts. I can see the things I just cut with it so where is it? I could find it absolutely nowhere. I just said forget it I will use another one, which I got then opened the refrigerator to get what I needed to cut and there was the KNIFE! Yes you got it in the icebox!

Anyway what do you expect from a woman that is looking for her glasses while she is wearing it. Or better yet, wearing one pair and carefully attempting to slip the other one on over it. LOL!

From Dick Johnson
Reminds me of myself—reaching up to adjust my glasses only to realize I'm not wearing my glasses!

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