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Anne Wallingford, WordSmith


Exploring—A Trip to Kimball Park
April 5, 2005

Finally it was spring and warm enough for me to take a ride around my new neighborhood! My neighbors, Joe and Kim, had told me about a bike path that ran through the local park, and I was anxious to get out and explore! Cabin fever? Who, me?

Since this was the first chance I'd had to actually get around the area, I took my camera along. I wanted to have pictures of my outing and I wanted to be able to share the pictures with my friends.

Joe & Kim's House  

Once I pulled out of the garage in my power chair, I stopped at the end of the driveway to take a photo of Joe & Kim's house, directly across the street from my place.

My Own House Once I rolled across the street, I turned back to take a picture of my own home—this was the first I'd truly seen the outside of the house since I moved here last November. I was impressed…I have a lovely home! I hadn't realized there were so many lovely trees on the property, either. I can't wait until they are in full leaf!

Corner Mailbox  

I turned myself around and headed towards the corner mailbox. You have to look pretty closely at this picture to spot the mailbox…it's a little ways past the neighbor's RV.

Kimball Park  

Once I reached the mailbox, I made a sharp right turn. To my surprise, I discovered the park was only four blocks away! I had thought it would be much further.

Winding Bike Path  

I had no idea where it would lead, but the winding bike path beckoned to me.


The path ran along Salt Creek, and a pair of seagulls were enjoying the spring sunshine, too.


The biggest surprise was when I saw the large pond in the center of the park. I'd felt badly about moving inland, away from Lake Michigan, and here was this beautiful pond! I didn't learn until the summer that there was a working fountain in the center of the pond.

Park Bridge  

As I reached the far end of the bike path, I came to a wooden bridge. I sat and studied it for a while before deciding to try and cross over to the other side. I'd never tried crossing something like this while riding in my power chair, and I wanted to make sure I felt safe.

Water Tower  

Once I crossed the bridge and faced north, I could see the Rolling Meadows water tower. This would become a handy landmark for me during my summer outings. How different this was from the city!


I crossed back over the bridge, saving further explorations for that side for another day, and circled around the pond.

Garage To House This had been enough exploring for my first outing and I headed back home. Once I pulled into the garage, my 'parking spot' by the walker a-waited me. It may look a bit peculiar, but I have furniture arranged by the back door so I can get myself in and out without help. First I pull up next to the chair and set down my purse and any parcels I'm carrying. Then I back into my 'parking space,' pull the walker in front of me, and get out of my power chair. Once I'm near the pink-shrouded desk, I leave my walker next to the chair and use the desk and grab bar to get up those steps and back into the house.

It had been an exciting day!

Copyright © 2006 Anne Wallingford All Rights Reserved

Thursday, January 05, 20065

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