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Anne Wallingford, WordSmith


A New Italian Restaurant
May 2004

Today was the scheduled outing to the podiatrist and the med van was only a half hour late! It was a good thing I had my own chair because the waiting room was full! The doc, who is usually on time, was running behind schedule, so I took a little snooze in the waiting room.

The doc did his cut and scrape (ouch), gave me some free samples, and sent me on my way.

And surprise, surprise! The med van for the return trip arrived fifteen minutes early. This has NEVER happened before! Fortunately I was ready to leave, and we hit the road. Since it was a beautiful, albeit windy, day, I had the driver drop me off at the parking lot for Walgreen's because I knew it would be a nice ride home. I decided, once I was rolling, to take the long route home. To be honest, I was looking for a restaurant that had recently opened and had been distributing flyers in the neighborhood. I had called after receiving the flyer and knew the restaurant was wheelchair accessible. So in the back of my mind I thought I would roll past the restaurant and check it out.

Turned out that the restaurant was at the corner where I cross Milwaukee Ave. to go to church! Just as I reached the front of the restaurant building, a man was going inside. Heck, I wasn't about to argue with fate! I asked him to hold the door for me. He did, and a waitress held open the inner door. I was in! At a "real" restaurant! By myself!

There was only one table with folks seated at it; the rest of the place was empty. This was good because it gave me a chance to eat out alone for the first time without feeling like anyone was watching me make a mess. Actually, I didn't do too badly, and the waitress was helpful; she put things where I could reach them. (I sit sideways at a table when I'm in the wheelchair, and the control side is closest to the table, so I have to do a bit of maneuvering to reach anything.)

Dinner was delicious: Chicken Limone (chicken with lemon sauce), some wedges of potato (not sure how they were cooked but they were delicious), a breadbasket, a side of spaghetti with sauce, and coffee. I could have had a salad, too, but passed on that. (No lettuce for me anymore.) I don't think I was overly influenced by the fact that this was the first time in several years that I'd been able to go out by myself to a restaurant, but the tiramisu was the best I've ever had. And now I know there is an accessible restaurant nearby with good food. All right!

Copyright © 2004 Anne Wallingford All Rights Reserved

Thursday, August 25, 2005 (rev. 08/30/05)

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