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Anne Wallingford, WordSmith

A Trip to the Park in my Powerchair
- October 25, 2003
Anne Wallingford

1. Outside the house, looking back at the front door

2. Outside the house, looking south.
This view will be seen from the opposite direction as I return home.

3. Outside the house, looking north.
Moody dead-ends at the end of this view; the golf course is the other side of the fence.
(Don't think you can see the fence in this pix.)

4. Looking across the street from in front of the house

5. View directly across the street;
this is what I see from the living room window.

6. I had to head south to circle the block to reach Melvina. I took Melvina until the street turned at the golf course fence.
(Melvina turns to the right and becomes Indian Boundary Rd., then runs parallel to the golf course.)
But I think they meant the arrow just for me so I wouldn't get lost!

7. First obstacle. Fortunately, this tall pine tree was finally trimmed back so people can pass underneath the branches while walking on the sidewalk. When I used to go to the park with the girls (several years ago) the branches came way out over the sidewalk and you had to circle the tree on the lawn.

8. Past the pine tree and continuing down Indian Boundary Rd.

910. At the corner of the Indian Bounadry Rd., looking across to the park.

911. Second obstacle. You'd think that this being a city park, the access curb would be in better shape. It's tricky crossing here; I worry that I'll tip or get stuck.

912. After crossing the street, the first thing one sees in the park is this 'whatsis.'
Every time I went past, I wondered what the heck it was! But a friend just wrote to me and said, "[this] is an old,dilapidated 'Blocking &Tackling' Football sled." Thanks for solving the mystery, Dawson!

913. & 914. Looking west across the park. A wide-angle shot and a close-up.

915. Looking back down the sidewalk where I just was.
The whatsis may just barely be in the corner of the pix.

916. My favorite “parking place” when I go to the park. This is where I sit to watch the world. I park on the sidewalk and face the park. The trees in the distance are the golf course barricade and are inside the golf course's fence.

917. Approaching the Field House.

918. A shot of the children's playground. These are the slides where I took my nieces all the time when they were young. For my first outing in the chair, they walked over to the park with me. I managed to ride my chair across the wood chips so I could watch them on the swings and monkey bars. Only got stuck once, but they found an old piece of cardboard that they could slide underneath my rear wheels so I'd have some traction.

919. As I leave the park, I turn and face the playground.
The fence surrounds the playground.

920. Now to get back home.
Heading east, the busy street in the distance is Elston Ave.

921. Heading back north on Elston.
When I go to the grocery store I cross Elston at Car Island because the repair shop has a great driveway that is easy to enter.

923. Turned north onto Moody.
The road curves just a short distance ahead.

924. & 925. Going north on Moody towards home.
You can see the orange inflatable pumpkin ahead. This was seen from the other direction in pix #2.

926. & 927. Approaching home.

928. The driveway heading towards the garage.
Dad's car is parked in the driveway. (Our house is on the right.)

All told, the trip took 45 min.
I only stopped when I took pix. (It was too chilly to sit outside at the park.)

Friday, December 12, 2003 11:05