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Although I offer the Freelancer's FAQ information free of charge, I'm finding that the costs of operating a web site are steadily increasing. If you find this information useful, a donation would be gladly appreciated.
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Anne Wallingford, WordSmith

Freelancer's FAQ


Freelancing as a Career

The Art of Freelancing, Part One: Book Reviews
The Art of Freelancing, Part Two: Interviews
Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur
Red Flags for Freelancers
What is a freelancer?

Contracts and Proposals

Contract Caveats
Contracts - Why?
Electronic Contracts
Sample Contract, short version
Sample Contract, long version
Sample Proposal w/cover letter
Sample, Independent Contractor's Agreement
Sample #1, Non-Disclosure Agreement
Sample #2, Non-Disclosure Agreement
Simplified Agreement Form
Work-for-Hire Contract
Work-for-Hire Addendum


Rate Setting
Rate Setting Reference Book
Setting Realistic Fees
Taxes--Another Cost to Consider

Employee vs Independent

IRS Guidelines

From Other Freelancers

Are You Sure Your Query is Ready? by Gary McLaren
Clipless? Don't Worry by Beth Ann Erickson
Collecting Fees from Clients by Dana K. Cassell
Fees and Contracts by Gary Ziegler
How To Be A Freelance Writer – 5 Lessons Worth Learning Today by Brandon R. Cornett
How to Evaluate a Magazine Market by Dana K. Cassell
What Every Author Should Know About Literary Agents by Bobbi Linkemer
What Is a Ghostwriter? by Gary McLaren
Write A Query Letter That Sells! by Marilyn Henderson

The Business Side...

     Business Operations:

     Copyright & Trademark Information:      Forms:      Government Regulations:
Essays by Ivan

Essays by Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D.

Helpful Articles for Writers and Publishers
The Book Publishers Legal Check List
Are Your Invoices Legally Sufficient?
The Need For Vision
Ten Key Negotiating Points in an Author-Publisher Agreement
The Cover Artist/Illustrator Contract
The Book Editor Contract

Articles About the Internet and Electronic Rights
Taking Over a Web Site Design Project
Some Key Points in the Web Site Design Contract
Who Owns the Copyright in Your Web Site?

Articles for Web Site Designers and Site Owners
The Independent Subcontractor Agreement
Dignity for Designers

Links to these and other Articles will be found on Ivan Hoffman's home page.

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Monday, October 15, 2012