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Although I offer the Freelancer's FAQ information free of charge, I'm finding that the costs of operating a web site are steadily increasing. If you find this information useful, a donation would be gladly appreciated.
Anne W.

Anne Wallingford, WordSmith


Freelancer's FAQ

Sample Cover Letter & Proposal

Standard Disclaimer: I am NOT a lawyer. These are simply samples to help you get started. Although these are actual proposals I have used, they are based on situations I've encountered. What applies to these projects may or may not apply to your project. Details may need to be added, altered, or omitted. For example, a kill fee was not mentioned in either proposal. It would have been inappropriate for the situation. Remember, these samples are simply meant as guidelines.

Are There Other Proposals Or Contracts that I Can Use As Guidelines?

Yes, there are. Talk to businesses you have worked with in the past, network with other freelancers, join the National Writers Union (they provide contract assistance), and build your own collection of samples. A good reference book is Business & Legal Forms for Authors & Self-Publishers by Tad Crawford. (Allworth Press, 1990, ISBN 0-927629-03-8)

Feel free to use the sample cover letter below in different formats, whether it's to convert PDF to Word, or put on a different operating system to transfer from your home office to work office or vice versa.

Sample Cover Letter


Dear 'First Name Last Name':

We welcome the opportunity to work on Project X with you. We have studied the materials you supplied and now have a better understanding of what needs to be done to accomplish your goals.

We will combine materials from ZZZ into a new series targeting YYY. (Comment: This sentence is a statement of the overall goal.)

Materials from the existing series will be merged into a cohesive format...blah, blah, blah. (Comment: This paragraph is a synopsis of how goal will be met.)

There will be NNN number of books in the series. (Comment: Identify specific end product.) We will provide both book and chapter outlines in advance for your approval and recommendations. (Comment: Clarifies approval process.)

In order to facilitate communications and meet deadlines, we suggest appointing one person in your office to whom we will report. This person will have the authority to immediately respond to our submittals and give immediate approvals no later than NN days following receipt of the outline. (Comment: This has been a very important addition to our requirements when working with non-publishing clients.)

Following is our overall outline for the first book in the series, and specifically for the first unit. Covers to be produced by client.

Page 1 Title Page with credit to us
Page 2 Introduction (We write this.)
Page 3 Strategies used (We choose strategies based on list supplied by client.)
Page 4 Scope and Sequence Chart (Information supplied by client.)
Page 5 xxx number of pages of text with xxx chapters of xxx pages each xxx pages, answer key
TOTAL 96 pages plus covers.
(Comment: Detailed information. Everything is spelled-out.)

Outline for chapter 1 follows.
The materials on each page will progress from easy to difficult and from lower level to higher level. Subsequent chapters will follow a similar pattern. (Comment: Outlines sequence of material, which was important to this project.)

We will do the books starting from G level then work up to the F level followed by working back from the T level to the K level. (Comment: Confirmed order of work based on previous project analysis.)

If you prefer a different order of delivery, please advise. All material will be checked against MMM standards for compliance. Proofing and final review will be coordinated with your editorial and graphics departments. (Comment: Guarantees our meeting standards; confirms our role in the editing process.)

We are faxing this proposal to you but will follow with a hard copy via overnight shipment. Thank you again for this opportunity ...blah blah blah

If you have a standard confidentiality agreement that you wish us to use in conjunction with this proposal, please send it to us promptly for our review.



Sample Proposal

Month Date, Year

We will prepare N books for publication by you, combining materials from X, Y, and Z into a new series targeting the RR market.

The cost to produce this new series of books will be:
$$$ (also written as text)

Payments will be made on the following schedule:
$$$ upon acceptance on this proposal. (Comment: This amount equals one-third to one-half the total fee.)
$$$ upon delivery of each book.
$$$ upon delivery of the final book.

Checks will be made payable to (Contractor).

We are able to start work on this project immediately upon acceptance of this proposal and will deliver the materials on the following schedule. All dates are approximate and are contingent upon prompt approval from you on our submission of chapter and book outlines.
Book 1 Title Date to be delivered
Book 2 etc.
In order to meet your deadlines and the above delivery schedule, this proposal must be accepted on or before Month Date, Year. A signed faxed copy will be sufficient authority to begin the work with a signed hard copy to follow.

Contractor:.........................Client's Name

__________________...... _________________ of person
Tax ID #:............................Title:

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