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Although I offer the Freelancer's FAQ information free of charge, I'm finding that the costs of operating a web site are steadily increasing. If you find this information useful, a donation would be gladly appreciated.
Anne W.

Anne Wallingford, WordSmith

Freelancer's FAQ

Consignment Agreement Form

Standard Disclaimer: I am NOT a lawyer but this agreement was reviewed by a lawyer, Thomas M. Farrell, Esq. The purpose of posting this sample is to give you ideas. Anytime you have legal questions about an agreement you are signing, consult a lawyer. Since this is only a sample of a consignment agreement, you may need to add, alter, or omit details. Note: To visit Tom Farrell's web site, go to

Consignment Agreement Form

Self-published books, fine arts and crafts, and collectibles are frequently sold on consignment. Following is a sample of an agreement form I have signed when selling specially-created crocheted afghans on consignment. This is simpler than getting a business cash advance in order to finalize the purchase.

Address - City, State, Zip Code - Telephone - Fax


Thank you for choosing [Name of Store] to help sell your goods. [Note: The store may specify the type of goods it carries, e.g. fine arts, books, crafts, etc.] We look forward to an ongoing, mutually successful business relationship with you. We pledge to advertise well in order to attract buyers. We will do our best to protect your items, but are not responsible for damage or loss.

Please supply the following information:

Consignor's Name _______________________________________

Fed. Tax ID# or SS# ______________________________________

Payee's Mailing Address __________________________________


(City, State, Zip Code) ____________________________________

Payee's Phone Number (daytime) ___________________________

(evening) _____________________________________



Name or Title of Project(s) to be sold on consignment (see last page for further details). Please include a photo of your work along with this agreement form.




Mark your selection from the choices listed below.

_____ I choose to pay $20.00/month for rental of space for four months. I will receive 80% commission on consignment items, listed above, that are sold.

_____ I choose to display my products for 4 months with no rent. I will receive 70% commission on consignment items, listed above, that are sold.

_____ I cannot commit at this time but will begin in approximately ____ months. I will receive 55% commission on consignment items, listed above, that are sold.

Statements are mailed to the payees on the 15th of each month. When consignment items have been sold, payees will receive a commission check along with their statement.

It is the responsibility of the Consignee to return unsold goods in the same condition in which they were received on consignment, but it is the responsibility of the Consignor to pay the costs involved with the return of unsold goods, including insurance. At the time of the items return, Consignee and Consignor will mutually choose a shipping method such as postal mail or UPS.

_________________________ _________________________
(print name of store representative) (print name of consignor)

_________________________ _________________________
(signature) (signature)

_________________________ __________________________
Date Date

Address - City, State, Zip Code - Telephone - Fax

For office use only


Name of Consignor/Artist __________________________

This form details information about the item(s) left at the store for consignment sale. The store keeps one copy and one copy is given to the consignor. The terms and provisions of this Log are incorporated by reference into the agreement. (In other words, information in the Log, such as the agreed upon price, is part of the agreement.) Include at least the following information:

Description -- identifies the name and title of the item along with a detailed description.

Size (Height/Width) -- use either English or metric measurements

Suggested Retail Price -- suggested price agreed upon by the consignor and the store

Date Sold

Check -- When/if consignor is paid, list the check number, date of check, and dollar amount paid

Date Returned -- if consignment item(s) are returned, list the return date and method used for returning the item(s)

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